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DCR, SIA, PASC profit shown is added profit for dual mining.
Chart legend coin tickers used, NH is Nicehash, YI is yiimp pool, NS NeoScrypt, PHI Phi, HSR Hcash (not shown for now, too chaotic). 1070, 1080, 1080 TI some extra cois shown
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More info below chart.

AMD Cards
Speeds used for 470 8GB (Samsung mem) ETH 29, XMR 965, ZEC 295, SIA 530, DCR 690, PASC 300, LBRY 110
AMD cards RX cards 1130MHz 930mv core (Ethash), 1240MHz core (CryptoNight) 4GB Hynix mem use 1500 strap bios mod, 1840MHz mem
8GB Samsung mem, ubermix 2.3 strap bios mod. 2000MHz mem (may need slightly less for stability),
Elpida mem I have a custom strap I bought, 28-29MH Ethash ~1950 mem, can do 1500 strap, making it a bit better than Hynix. 470 ~120W ETH (155W dual mine), 115W XMR at the wall
480 ~135W ETH (180W dual mine), 120W XMR at the wall
570/580 similar to 470/480, but use slightly more power.
Vega 56 set P6 1112, P7 1272, both ~950mv, 930MHz HBM2, power limit +15% 75% fan (reference, HBM2 needs to stay cool). CryptoNight same, but -4% power.
Vega 56 1900+H/S CryptoNight, ~38MH Eth, 1700MH DCR (dual mine) Eth only or XMR can set lower power. Gets faster hashing doing Exp/Ubic or Music, though similar profit. ~250W at the wall dual mine, or ZEC, 190 eth only, 170 XMR. Use latest drivers, and overdriventool to set clocks.

Nvidia Cards
60% power limit Ethereum, 75% dual mine, 95% ZEC/LBRY, 50% XMR
+500 mem (except LBRY), many cards may do 600+, but can be unstable
Dual mine SC and Pasc ok not great, dual mine DCR sucks horribly.
1080 and 1080 TI generally best doing ZEC, LBRY, or random crap coins.
$0.07/KWH power.
Ubiq, Musicoin not shown, less profitable (except older cards, or 2GB cards), profit similar to Expanse.
ZEC forks generally similar to ZEC profit, but varies a lot more